“I don’t want to say it’s kind of like a death, but it’s kind of like a death.”

-The counselor

And then I remembered there are people who don’t take life or people who love them for granted.  People who are eulogized with festivals and yearly commemorations.  I want to finish the mourning and get on with my day.  It is all. So. Brief.

A Quiet Thursday


The Creations of Sound
by Wallace Stevens

If the poetry of X was music,
So that it came to him of its own,
Without understanding, out of the wall

Or in the ceiling, in sounds not chosen,
Or chosen quickly, in a freedom
That was their element, we should not know

That X is an obstruction, a man
Too exactly himself, and that there are words
Better without an author, without a poet,

Or having a separate author, a different poet,
An accretion from ourselves, intelligent
Beyond intelligence, an artificial man

At a distance, a secondary expositor,
A being of sound, whom one does not approach
Through any exaggeration. From him, we collect.

Tell X that speech is not dirty silence
Clarified. It is silence made dirtier.
It is more than an imitation for the ear.

He lacks this venerable complication.
His poems are not of the second part of life.
They do not make the visible a little hard

To see nor, reverberating, eke out the mind
Or peculiar horns, themselves eked out
By the spontaneous particulars of sound.

We do not say ourselves like that in poems.
We say ourselves in syllables that rise
From the floor, rising in speech we do not speak.

“You Were a Kindness” The National

“La Infinita” Pablo Neruda

Ves estas manos? Han medido
la tierra, han separado
los minerales y los cereales,
han andado la paz y la guerra,
han derribado las distancias
de todos los mares y ríos,
y sin embargo
cuando te recorren
a ti, pequeña,
grano de trigo, alondra,
no alcanzan a abarcarte,
se cansan alcanzando
las palomas gemelas
que reposan o vuelan en tu pecho,
recorren las distancias de tus piernas,
se enrollen an la luz de tu cintura.
Para mí eres tesoro más cargado
de inmensidad que el mar y sus racimos
y eres blanca y azul y extensa como
la tierra en la vendimia,
En ese territorio,
de tus pies a tu frente,
andando, andando, andando,
me pasaré la vida.

Good God, somebody love me that much.

“Mirame” Daddy Yankee

Resolution Reminder and Renewal

Like anyone, I constantly set goals for myself.  Like most, I often fall short.  It was my New Year’s Resolution to be more loving, patient and accepting.  Although this goal may seem only to deal with my relationships, both close and inconsequential, it begins with how I treat myself and how I maintain a level of mental and emotional health conducive to treating people with genuine love and empathy.  This post is my way of putting into writing what I hope to accomplish in both the near and distant future.  I think we learned in my middle school “Skills for Adolescence” class that writing down a goal is a pivotal step in the journey to accomplishing said goal.  So, here we go:

  • Train for and run a half marathon.  Dear Jodi, your classes do not begin until 11:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier, and go for a run!
  • Do yoga at least once a week.
  • Begin attending church regularly.  Bonus points for mass in Spanish.
  • Practice guitar for at least three hours a week.
  • BLOG!  LOOK AT HOW EASY THIS IS!  Once a month posts are shameful and a waste of such a witty URL.
  • Stay on top of assignments to keep your stress to a minimum.
  • Say ‘no’ when you don’t have time and prioritize what benefits YOUR well-being.
  • Stop procrastinating and running late.
  • Eat healthy and make choices that are in keeping with long-term happiness.
  • Take time for a little reading and thoughtful prayer everyday.
  • Work must come before play.
  • In two years, after completing your masters program, move to Buenos Aires for a MINIMUM of six months, even if you must go alone.